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Reputation clean-up (03/06/08 09:44)

Many of you may find that their reputation has decreased. We performed a large-scale reputation clean-up and removed (partially or completely) votes of the users from the following groups:
- members involved in group reciprocal vote exchange schemes and other kinds of fraudulent activity;
- members with obviously biased voting patterns (for example voting negatively on all good posts by some other members);
- members who's votes showed no correlation with post's content (random voting).
Please don't panic if you see that your reputation has gone down. It has affected all member accounts, so if you had the genuine reputation your decrease is less than that of members with fake reputation. Members with artificially inflated reputation will find the dramatic drop...
This work is still in progress so some additional adjustments may show up in the next several days.


03/19/08 21:36
its a good will help for the fair voting.which will help the genuine members

07/07/09 02:03
Think it's a good idea. I recently got a lot of really ignorant things said about me by someone who spoke as if he had, but has never been a client. I just want fair reviews

04/16/11 10:28
I m here only for vip female. How they look i dont care. I want only money to
give service with secret & privacy. My rate 2000/session for single, for
group rate different. u licke mail mi

aditya adi
07/28/11 20:47
i want to meet any female

03/16/12 13:23
hi i m sincerly cool sexy and verry nice guy too green eyes athletic body and i love sex so much with anyone skype me at sifka23 i can travel around the world and want to be in love too

Deleted User 838261
09/23/13 01:58
I sent to you support ticket, emails due to meaningless negative votes I am getting from few grouped members since one of them blackmailed me sending me email to stop talk in forum about one negative review hobbyist placed for an escort, it was unfair and scam that review once again and was brutally loaded with revange and bitterness because hobbyist was dodgy and hobbyist did not want to accept "NO" from escort. You yet did not response to me !!!

10/24/14 18:26
i found my reputation has decreased rapidly some unknown cause. plz look after the matter and tell me what happened with my profile

MD Rinju Khan
01/04/18 05:19

As a escort my first responsibility is how to work organize with my client , I know how to give 100% satisfaction my client. sex is a art so i enjoy it, not only doing it for money. Pleasure is the first priority for every sector for my client. And i am very clean. Free from all kind of disease, such as- HIV etc.. I know how to do a safe and crazy ...

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