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Addison doing the cumming challenge with seven guys

Well the day has arrived where Addison gets seven guys and he tries to make them all cum as fast as possible. The guys are allowed to hold back as long as they can but they must listen to what addison wants, if he wants them to fuck him hard and fast in his ass then they must do so. If he wants them wanking then they must do so, and then of course if they don't really have an order from Addison they can do what they'd like.

There was also motivation for Addison to get them all to cum within an hour, cause if he was successful I would do whatever he want, he basically wanted the blowjob of a lifetime. If he goes over an hour I get what want from him.

So we decided to host this in our basement and I filmed it all and had a timer going.

So it started with Addison on his knees surrounded by the guys and he started to give them a good sucking. He was going from cock to cock and talking dirty in between, telling them to fuck his throat, he spat on them everywhere, wanked the ones that weren't in his mouth. After about five minutes he stood up and bent over for a guy to fuck him in the ass as he continued sucking. When he would tap the guy fuming him it meant he wanted them to pull out of his ass and feed it right to his mouth. The next position he did he got in missionary on the ottoman and made guys fuck him like that, the guys had a rotation going and he was also licking their asses too at this point. He kept on asking to get pounded harder and harder. By now we were at the fifteen minute mark and they guys were all hard as fuck and Addison changed position to riding a guy that lied down on the ottoman and then asked for a second cock to pound his ass too as he sucked on the others and wanked them. This guy loved cock.

It was in this position that my hubby chummed at the 18 minute mark. He pulled out from his ass and cummed on his back. Immediately after he cummed Addison asked for another guy to stuff his ass. By now the guy that was at the bottom came up his ass. That's two down and five to go. Addison said that it would get easier and easier now.

He dismounted the guy and made the cum drip in hand and fed it to himself. Then continued with the fucking and sucking in doggy position. He did take a good pounding and drew in the different cocks as he sucked them all at different times. Here one of the other guys couldn't hold it so he wanked his cum on his face and Addison left it there as he went straight back to sucking another cock. He asked him if he liked to see cum all over his face as he sucked him.

The next position he wanted to get two in his ass again so he mounted a guy this time with his back to him and bounced on his cock before another guy went up his ass. And he was sucking the other two. His body looked so hot with the sweat and saliva dripping down his face and chest. After about five minutes in this position he pushed off the guy on top to get in doggy on the floor to suck the guy that was under him on the couch, he gave him an amazing sucking with eye contact and intensity and everything as he took another in his ass. You can tell he was trying to make this guy cum badly. He was also wanking him fast, going all the way down to the balls and spitting all over his cock until kaboom he exploded down his throat.

Just like that there were three left and we were at the 38 minute mark. He then spun around to suck the guy who was just fucking him and then asked the other two to come closer as he took turns sucking them. He then said he wanted all three in his ass. They did that for a few minutes as he knew they wouldn't get much thrust and then he only took two as he sucked another. Within another five minutes the two guys fuming him had to cum so he got off of them and then wanked them both to completed ion on his face. He took the one guy remaining and scooped up all the cum towards his mouth with the guys cock.

He looked at him and said " I've got fifteen minutes to make you cum, you're all mine".

He was on a mission, he sucked him very well then mounted him and bounced very hard on his cock while facing him, then he spun around to put his back to him and fucked even harder. You can tell the guy was really trying to hold back, every now and then Addison would glance over his shoulder to look at his face, then he said to the guy that he knew he was close with ten minutes left on the clock, so he teased him and got off slowly to then slowly suck him, then he increased the pace exponentially and then told the guy if he had to cum to let him know as he wasp red the load deep in his ass in doggy. Not even within three minutes the guy had to cum, Addison got in doggy on the couch and then the guy went right up his ass to unleash his huge load.

Addison then turned around and said wow that was amazing. And thanked all the guys. He then turned to me and asked me how much time he had left, he had just over five minutes. And he toyed with the last guy a lot. I asked him when he wanted to redeem his prize and he was thinking about it and the guys told him to take it now. They all wanted to watch.

Added on: 08/13/17 10:04


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