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giving addisons throat a real workout

well i decided to really give his throat a workout so i invited one of the guys that he does porno shoots with and i know they are comfortable together and he has the biggest cock of all the guys, even bigger than addison.

i had told addison that he will be deepthroating a lot on this day and he will enjoy it very much so.

so the guy came over and he knew what he had to do, lol literally nothing, just plop out his cock and i made addison do all sorts of things for literally an hour. that is how long a workout should last right.

anyways addison got on his knees and started to suck, i toldhim to keep going deeper after every stroke, then when he made it to the end i made him hold it there and realease only when i told him to. the guy was already rock hard it was amazing, then i got some water and poured it in addisons mouth and made him deepthroat right away, it made such a nice splash and waterfall, we did that a few times. then i made the guy literally fuck his face for about five minutes, sometimes he fucked him fast sometimes he made him hold his cock down his throat at different levels. i was so wet being his mistress and i also kissed him as he came up and gagged, i also had the urge to suck this guys cock but i withheld, for now. there was so much saliva.

next i started to boss again, i help addison mouth open with my hands and told the guy to fuck his throat, we were approaching the fifteen minute mark and then i made addison lie down and put his head at the edge of the couch and the guy fucked his throat like that, i was also choking addisons throat at the same time, what nice cock this guy had, i did lick it a litle as he was going in and out addison mouth, then i decided to suck it a little as addison caught his breath, mm i loved it. then i told the guy to lie down and made addison get in doggy to suck him, i can tell addison loved all this amd the guy too, but i was enjoying this just as much too. we did more rough for another fifteen minutes,

we then decided to see how long he can keep the whole ten inch cock in his throat. we timed it with our phone, he did do many takes but the most he got was 38 seconds. i was amazed. then we did more crazy deepthroat things and facefucking with a bunch of saliva everywhere. after the hour mark the guy said he couldnt hold nmuch more. i asked him if he wanted to cum or do some more stuff with me. he said he would hold off as long as possible.

so i made them both lie down on the couch and i took turns sucking them both, i was heaven, after five minutes or so i mounted addison cock in my pussy and still wanked on the guy, he then decided to feed both me and addison his cock, i loved deepthroating his cock as addison licked his balls. i did take them both in my pussy and also one in each hole in a few postions, then when the guy had to cum i told him to cum on both me and addison, man was it a huge load. then addison and i continued our fun and told the guy to do whatever he wanted, he watched for a little before feedign us his cock again. then after thirty minutes addison came up my ass and i fed it to him and we kissed.

that was a really nice session

Added on: 07/16/17 00:09


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