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our kinky experiences

well i decided to really give his throat a workout so i invited one of the guys that he does porno shoots with and i know they are comfortable together and he has the biggest cock of all the guys, even bigger than addison.

i had told addison that he will be deepthroating a lot on this day and he will enjoy it very much so.

so the guy came over and he knew what he had to do, lol literally nothing, just plop out his cock and i made addison do all sorts of things for literally an hour. that is how long a workout should last right.

anyways addison got on his knees and started to suck, i toldhim to keep going deeper after every stroke, then when he made it to the end i made him hold it there and realease only when i told him to. the guy was already rock hard it was amazing, then i got some water and poured it in addisons mouth and made him deepthroat right away, it made such a nice splash and waterfall, we did that a few times. then i made the guy literally fuck his face for about five minutes, sometimes he fucked him fast sometimes he made him hold his cock down his throat at different levels. i was so wet being his mistress and i also kissed him as he came up and gagged, i also had the urge to suck this guys cock but i withheld, for now. there was so much saliva.

next i started to boss again, i help addison mouth open with my hands and told the guy to fuck his throat, we were approaching the fifteen minute mark and then i made addison lie down and put his head at the edge of the couch and the guy fucked his throat like that, i was also choking addisons throat at the same time, what nice cock this guy had, i did lick it a litle as he was going in and out addison mouth, then i decided to suck it a little as addison caught his breath, mm i loved it. then i told the guy to lie down and made addison get in doggy to suck him, i can tell addison loved all this amd the guy too, but i was enjoying this just as much too. we did more rough for another fifteen minutes,

we then decided to see how long he can keep the whole ten inch cock in his throat. we timed it with our phone, he did do many takes but the most he got was 38 seconds. i was amazed. then we did more crazy deepthroat things and facefucking with a bunch of saliva everywhere. after the hour mark the guy said he couldnt hold nmuch more. i asked him if he wanted to cum or do some more stuff with me. he said he would hold off as long as possible.

so i made them both lie down on the couch and i took turns sucking them both, i was heaven, after five minutes or so i mounted addison cock in my pussy and still wanked on the guy, he then decided to feed both me and addison his cock, i loved deepthroating his cock as addison licked his balls. i did take them both in my pussy and also one in each hole in a few postions, then when the guy had to cum i told him to cum on both me and addison, man was it a huge load. then addison and i continued our fun and told the guy to do whatever he wanted, he watched for a little before feedign us his cock again. then after thirty minutes addison came up my ass and i fed it to him and we kissed.

that was a really nice session
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Added on: 07/16/17 00:09
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We'll when we first arrived Addison had his fun with my body. Now it was my turn to have my fun with him. He was now all mine and he did everything I wanted.

We took the atv to an area on our land. There were fallen trees and a big rocks, we packed some toys and a blanket. I made him first eat me out, my pussy and ass and then he was forced to suck on some of the dildos I brought, then I put a butt plug in his ass. After I was ready I decided to penetrate his ass with a dildo and I put on a step on for him to suck while I toyed with his ass. Then I eventually fucked him with the strap on. We did so many positions and then I put him in the pile driver position and made him self suck his cock. He looked amazing. I had my loads of fun with him, we got a nice tan as it was the heat of the afternoon, when we finished up after a few hours we returned back to the house and relaxed inside a bit after we took a quick shower, we had something to eat and then returned back outside, this time returning to the lake.

We went on the boat and just chatted, and lied down and looked up at the sky as I worked on my tan. I love spending time with this guy. He is amazing.
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Added on: 06/27/17 12:55
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So I decided to treat Addison and take up north to the country house. The weather was going to be nice so I decided to go. It was just me and him. I decided to treat him for his fun. He would tell me what to do. He already described what he wanted on the drive up and I was just wet with him telling me everything. He basically wanted me to eat his asshole with my mouth and I could not touch his cock with my mouth however I was allowed to finger his asshole. So we got started the second we arrived. We went on the balcony on the picnic table.

We were both naked and he lied down and I immediately licked his ass, then after about five minutes he made me lie down and sat on my face, he was rubbing his hole everywhere, I so wanted to suck his juicy cock but I had to force myself not to. Then he went in doggy with his ass up and I dove into his ass and also started to finger him. What a lovely sight and action. At one point I had all four fingers in his ass, then he made me lie down under him in 69 but I was still not allowed to suck his cock even though it was right in my face. I now put a dildo up his ass and licked that out of his ass every now and then. After doing a few more positions (40 minutes) he allowed me to now suck his cock. I went crazy on it. He was standing up and I bent down to suck him, he fucked my face so hard, I gagged like crazy and saliva went everywhere, I was so horny, I just kept on gagging myself on his cock too. I rubbed my face all over and I was fingering his ass while sucking him.

After an hour of sucking his cock he said it was time for my pussy and ass to get fucked. He put me in missionary on the table and went in my pussy. I was so wet for him, he fucked me pretty good as he was slapping my face and talking dirty to me. We did a few more positions before he went up my ass in doggy. He would pull out every now and then and stuff his cock down my throat or make me lick his asshole. It was intense. Then after another hour fucking, this has been three hours since we first started he was going to cum.

For the cumshot he put me in missionary and went up my ass. He pulled out to stroke his cock and cummed on my body and face with a few strong blasts. Then shoved his cock up my ass to deposit some cum in there and then the same with my pussy. Wow that was a nice ending that he surprised me with. When he finished he kissed me intensely and then went to lick my ass and pussy.
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Added on: 06/21/17 10:42
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Well we had been wanting something like for a while and now it was time. There were a few other things we wanted to do which you will read further in the blog.

So to start things off I got on my knees and the guys were standing up facing each other and I sucked their cocks. It didn't take long for me to put them both in my mouth and rub them together. I like rubbing their heads together. I made them tap each other balls with their cocks. Then I lied down on the bed with my head at the edge and the guys fed me their cocks. I loved having a cock in each hand and wanking them and sucking them. I went crazy. Then the next position is on that I really liked and I'm sure the guys did too.

Addison got in doggy and my hubby also but right on top of him and his cock was in addisons ass crack and rubbing his hole. But they weren't gonna fuck. I licked addisons cock from the head all the way up the shaft, then his balls then to my hubbys head and his shaft and his balls then asshole. I did this many times. They both had nice hardons, it was such a sight to see. After ten minutes in this position I got in 69 over Addison, I sucked him as he ate my pussy and my hubby ate my ass.

Soon after I asked my hubby to fuck my pussy as Addison licked me. What a nice feeling. After five minute my hubby took addisons spot and then Addison put his cock near my hubby's for me to suck them both. I loved it. He was clocks lapping his cock on my hubby's cock. Mmmmm. Then as I went to kiss Addison he was humping my hubby's cock.

After a while I went in missionary and Addison fucked me as my hubby fed me his cock. Addison loved to kiss me as he fucked me and also helped me suck my hubby a little too. Then they switched. Addison then rubbed my pussy as my hubby fucked me. Then for the finale. I got in doggy as they both fed me their cocks. They wanked and rubbed their oaks together until my hubby came. He came on my face, addisons cock, I licked it up and then sucked on Addison, I wasn't ready for him to cum yet. I told him to hold it. I then told him to fuck me. As he fucked me I teased my hubby and sucked him. He fucked me for about five minutes. Then I told him to cum on my hubby's cock as I wanked him. It was nice. We liked every moment of it and something's gave us ideas for things to do another time.
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Added on: 06/07/17 10:07
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What a nice weekend. Addison gave me a gift by organizing a gangbang for me. He knows how i liked getting gangbang last time by the guys but this time he made me get gangbanged and he was part of it too of course but he wasn't receivng. He said you can do what you'd like with the seven of us. So I just said I wanted to get fucked crazy.

We got started. I started sucking in some of the guys as they grabbed all parts of my body like ass and tits. They were licking me, soon enough I was ass licking and stroking cocks as I was gagging. Addison was the roughest by far. He was telling guys to fuck me hard and pushing their cocks down my throat. This made me even more excited, soon enough I was taking two cocks in my pussy and being tossed around like a piece of meat. We then progressedt to one in pussy and one in ass then I did double anal and then triple penetration with two in pussy and on in ass. It was just raw and rough sex with these amazing seven guys. After about ninety minutes the guys were ready to cum, Addison told them to cum where ever they felt like. Some of the guys cummed in my pussy, another guy cummed up my ass, another two gave me a facial, one guy just chummed over my body and Addison deep down my throat. They then brought me outside to hose me off haha.
Thank you guys and thank Addison. I really needed a fuck like this.
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Added on: 05/29/17 12:01
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We were all into a gagging session. We didn't eat much the night before and the morning of because we knew how rough we'd be. We were all texting each other the night before. So when we met up we got straight to it. I got on my knees to suck them both and they started with the roughing right away. I was trying to also shove them both in my mouth it was nice. Then after a while the tranny got on her knees and helped me suck Addison. Then I made them get in 69 on the couch and forced them each in each other cocks. The cocks and faces were so sloppy. Then after another while we decided to make a little friendly competition and see who could hold a cock down their throat the longest. So first I deepthroated Addison and held it all the way at the bottom, they counted and I gagged a few times before pulling out. I did it until forty. Then the tranny deer throated Addison she did it for 36. Then addison tried on the tyranny and he got 53, I got 45 onher. It was so fun to do. Addisonthen made us get in our knees and he held the trannys head and fucked her face then did the same to me and kept switching, saliva was everywhere.

The tranny then did the same to Addison and I. By the end they both chummed all over my face and on each other's cocks and we all licked it up.
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Added on: 05/22/17 12:10
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Well we have been having lots of fun since our last post. We have done many things with most of our friends like a little Gangbang involving the my hubby, myself, Addison, his gf, the pornstar, tranny, teacher, two other regulars.

We have also just done a lot of stuff with the four of us. We have also visited our country place for some nice outdoor sex. That's some of my favourite.
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Added on: 05/22/17 12:00
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The producer, the guys, Addison all wanted this to happen again. It is always hot when they all do a scene together. This time addison was going to be treated little more like a female whore. They put some makeup on him, just the basics, like eye shadow and eye liner. He was completely hairless and smooth everywhere. The producer said that he wanted Addison to have the eye shadow and liner so that when he gags and cries it will ruin his face and look good for the camera.

So the scene started off very simply Addison was watching porn and playing with his cock then the guys came in and asked him if they could join in. Then they were all walking off. Then one of the guys had an idea and said well since we already have a whore all done up in front of us why don't we fuck him instead of watching porn. Everyone agreed, so Addison was forced on his knees and the guys surrounded him and he sucked their nice cocks. Didn't take long for them to get rough with him, at one point two guys were shoving their cocks in his mouth as he was stroking two others and some of them were cockslapping his face. His makeup started to undue. They really made him gag on their cocks long and hard. Some of the guys were fondling his ass then one guy forced his head down on his cock and made Addison follow him on all fours with the cock in his mouth. He was brought to the couch. Where he got in doggy. Here they started to fuck him up his ass as he sucked on others and they kept s rotation.

It didn't take long before they were really pounding away at him. The next position they did was missionary. He was getting in the ass and his head was over the edge of the couch for the guys to get a better angle to pound his throat. Here his face was covered in saliva and his makeup was getting fucked up. Then they said it's time for him to take two in the ass. One guy got on his back on the couch and Addison mounted him, facing him and then another went up his ass, they actually started to pound him hard right form the get go and and didn't let up on the gagging.

Then each of the guys got two minutes with him as the other watched and wacked. The first guy was very slow in going in and out of his ass with his huge cock. He did give him a lot of ass to mouth. As he got more into his time he went harder harder. The next guy gagged him hard for the first minute and then pounded him doggy as fast as he can go. The next guy made him lick his ass a lot and while he did that he made him stroke his cock too. Then he fucked him in the ass. The fourth guy was into rubbing his cock all over his face and gagging him as he fisted addisons ass. The fifth guy spread his ass in doggy and then was slapping his asshole before he pounded him. The last guy had the biggest cock and he made Addison suck it deep and keep it there as long as possible. When he did it for almost thirty seconds he put addison on his side and fucked his ass.

Then Addison mounted a guy and he was posnding his own ass as the guy was under him. His cock was bouncing up and down and the guys were slapping it. It was here where the first guy cummed. He exploded on his face. Addison thanked him. The pounding was still going on. The guy who was fucking him last in doggy pulled out and chummed on his back. Immediately after another guy went up his ass and another pounded his throat with his face full of cum. This guy cummed all the way down his throat as he was still getting pounded in his ass. Then he took two in the ass while sucking on another. Then he was put in missionary and the next guy cummed on his cock. The next cummer cummed in his ass and the last on his face. He was so happy. The guys were all satisfied and the producer was right about the make up. He looked like a hot mess.
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Added on: 04/26/17 12:14
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we had agreed that we would start our meeting off with the guys having fun with each other and the girls together as well. it was actually a mini competition. we each had to hold off our orgasm as long as possible. the first guy and the first girl that would cum would be watching and obeying the two that didn't cum. so the position for all of us was the 69, the guys were working hard at each others cocks and we worked hard on our pussies.

I was fingering her and licking her good. I was also playing with her asshole a lot too. it was so intense, I liked to look over at the guys every now and then as they also peeked at us a few times. eventually my hubby was the first to cum out of all of all of us. he sat out and Addison also watched and commented a lot too. eventually I won and made the gf cum.

so Addison and I were the winners. so we took full advantage. we tied them up with their hands behind their backs, and made them watch us. we made out and had a nice sensual love making session for about thirty minutes. it was slow thrusts with many positions and kissing, lots of pulling out and sucking and licking. then we told them that they had to get the hubby to cum again within the next five minutes. if they couldn't they will have to stop and endure something else. he didn't cum. then we put a butt plug in each their asses and Addison and I licked each others asses. then I used a strapon on him.

after another while I challenged my hubby to make the gf cum in five minutes. they didn't succeed. Addison and I had some more fun then we decided to make them cum ourselves. Addison made his gf cum and I made my hubby cum. then Addison and I continued with each other and he was fucking me doggy up my ass. I then told him to cum whenever he wants. he pulled out and made suck on him and cummed right in my mouth and kissed me.

mmm this was a nice little meeting. I enjoyed it a lot.
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Added on: 04/01/17 03:35
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I have texted Addison and told him that I was craving something in my throat, he replied by saying that he has just what I needed. When he came over he put a bunch of toys on the coffee table in the living room, it was a bunch of didldos, strapons, butt plugs.

We got naked and he told me to get on my knees and take the double ended dildo and suck on it as he lied down on the couch and played with his cock. He was telling me how long to hold it and how deep to go. He counted down from ten and then when he got to two he said well I lied another ten seconds so I had to hold it for even longer. I found this hot.
Then he made me crawl to him and I sucked him for another five minutes. Then he got up and started to really fuck my throat. After another few minutes he grabbed the strap on and put it on. He made me suck each of them and then also at times putting both in at once.

He then put me in doggy and told me to suck the dildo on the table he then put the strap on in my pussy and his cock rubbed on the outside of my pussy as he fucked me. Then when he fucked my pussy with his cock the strap on was sliding between my ass cheeks. All these were good sensations. He was also forcing my head down on the dildo I was sucking. Then he gave me a dp. With the strap on in my ass and his cock in my pussy. Then he brought me back to the couch where he did the same stuff in missionary. It was such a great feeling. I made out with him and said thank you many times as he was fucking me. I told him this was all amazing. I thanked him so much for the surprise and then he said well this is not the surprise. I was surprised that this wasn't my surprise lol.

We did many more positions and then he came in my asshole while giving me a dp. We went into the shower and made out some more there and he ate me out too. After our shower we went in the basements and sure enough the surprise was there. It was the tranny.
I was actually thinking of her lately and then we got started right away. I sucked them both on my knees and then we just got rougher and rougher with each other. It was a nice session. They did fuck me with double anal thoughout the entire time. We all did ass to mouth. Then in the end they both came in my ass at the same time and made it leak Out into the trannys mouth. Must been very tasty.
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Added on: 03/18/17 10:41
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Well we have had a lot of kinky adventures lately. I don't have that much time anymore. We had done a spicy meeting with my hubby and I, the gf and Addison, the pornstar and another male. It was a hot bisexual mess. We all shared each other and fucked each other. It lasted for a few hours.

We then did other meetings with just Addison and his gf and other times we did invite the tranny again. Each of our encounters were hot in their own way as usual. We still kept doing the meetings on Saturday night at our sex shop. We did go to our country house too with just Addison and his gf. We had our nights and days filled with fun and relaxation.
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Added on: 03/09/17 15:43
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so I really wanted a nice meeting with the three of us and we were all craving the same thing, ass, ass and more ass.

so the pornstar started off with him on the couch and she was sucking him nicely. he was grabbing her pussy and playing with her ass hole, then I slowly came in and started to suck him with her. he soon enough put up his legs and I went to lick his hole and balls. I slowly also started to finger his ass and then we put him in the piledriver position, the pornstar sat on his face as I was on the couch still toying with his hole and kissing the pornstar every now and then. i would pull out my finger from his and feed it to her too.

we then switched position and she was putting two fingers in his ass.
then he stood up on one leg and the other in the air, she sucked him as I ate his ass, she was deepthroating him, he then switched around for me to suck his cock and she ate his ass and fingered him too. she was pulling my head in to get his whole cock in. then she stood up and he fucked her in the pussy as I ate his ass again, I also rubbed her puss nicely. he was fucking her at a nice pace too, a few minutes after I pushed him on the couch and mounted him in my pussy and held his legs up for the pornstar to lick his ass, I sometimes pulled his cock out for her to suck and lick my ass and pussy, she was very enthusiastic and was slapping our asses.

I then got off his cock after a few minutes and the pornstar went in to suck him but he grabbed her and flipped her upside down to hold her in the air for a 69, that was hot. then he placed her on the couch and he went on top for a 69 I licked and fingered his hole. then we switched and she went into doggy and he fucked her ass, I licked everything in sight, my hands were exploring everywhere anf I lkoved sucking that cock right out of her ass. he did pound her hard and kissed her nicely and with passion, I was fingering his ass too. he then turned to me and said now its your turn. I got in missionary and asked him to give it in my ass.

the pornstar was licking my nipples, kissing me, licking my pussy and and kissing him. then she sat on my face and fed me her pussy and ass as they kissed. they were into spitting in each others faces and mouth, then he pulled out and licked my ass for a bit and then continued to fuck it. she was playing with everything. when he pulled out he fed the cock to me and she ate my ass.

then I got up and made him lie down and she mouted on him in her ass. I licked and sucking everything there, rubbed her pussy and loved tasting his cock from her ass. by now I had four fingers in his ass. when she got off she really forced my head down on his cack and then when I came back up I did the same to her, in the meantime I kept those fingers up his, we did this a few times, I then kissed him for a little and then he came on both our faces, we licked up every drop and continued to suck on his cock.
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Added on: 02/07/17 05:10
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I was so horny for him after watching the scene he shot with the six guys I just wanted to suck him good and fuck him. He lied down on the couch and I went straight for his ass. I locked it good and his balls too. I loved eating out his ass. I did it for a god ten minutes then I got to the sucking. I teased him a little with the licking, by going up and down with my tongue and then I decided to suck him, when I would come back to the top I would lick his shaft down to his balls to his asshole. I did this for another twenty minutes then I mounted him in my push and bounced on that cock. By now my hubby just got home and I told him he can't participate, I was so horny for Addison. I told him he can set up a camera and watch from another room. I jumped off addisons cock and sucked it from my wet juicy pussy, then I got in 69 over him, and I was fingering his ass as I was sucking him. I then pulled out the double ended dildo and we got in doggy and pounded each other's ass. When we pulled apart I went back to sucking his cock and licking his ass then I told him I wanted him in my ass. Mm I loved his cock sliding in and out of my ass. We fucked some more until I wanted his cum all over me. He came on my boobs and face. When we were done my hubby came back down with a hardon and smiled. I told him I wasn't done with Addison yet and we went in the basement and fucked again, this time I used my strapon on him.
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Added on: 02/04/17 12:34
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So the scene starts off with the guys working on the house and then one of the guys asks about getting paid and Addison says that he thought it was supposed to be when they finished. One thing led to another and then he was forced on his knees and the guys saying well there is one way you can pay us right now. They pulled out their cocks and he was forced to suck on them. Some of the guys got naked right away and others just pulled their pants slightly. On the guys was saying you got hands use them, so he was surrounded by these guys and stroking them and sucking them. They slowly started to get rougher by cock slapping him and rubbing their cocks on his face to making him deepthroat. They were really going at him, and pulling him from his nose as he deepthroated them. Some of them were slapping his cock and fondling his ass by the fifth minute. Not much later some of the guys lied down on the floor and he mounted them one at a time in his ass. They said that it boy, and some of them fed their cocks to him as he stroked some others.

Another minute or so after he was on the couch in top of a guy stroking two cocks, as he took on deep in the throat, being slapped on his cock and chest, and choked. Wow. Right after that minute one of the guys said I think he's ready for two in his ass. Then they switched the guy at the bottom and kept the same position and two of them went up his ass. He was sweaty and it was hot. The guys continued their pounding on his body. They had a good rotation going when the top guy would pull out of his ass he would feed it to him in his mouth and then stroke some more. It was a busy hot scene. Shortly after the guys put him on his side on the couch and fucked him really hard on by one up his ass. He was still sucking spans stroking them as they rotated. This was only halfway through the scene and I was so wet.

The next position they did on guy lied down in the couch and he got on top facing him and took it in the ass then a second guy went in and another guy lied down in front of Addison for him to suck his cock and antiher guy approached to get his stroked. The guys that were fucking Addison fucked him hard then when they died down they switched. It was so hot and rough. He was also forced to lick their assholes. After another few minutes they asked him what's his favourite position then he said doggy and they put him in doggy and double fucked his ass this way. It was so hot seeing these guys manipulate him. They also fingered his ass hard and we're making him gape like crazy. The next thing they did was lift him up, two guys held him and fucked him like this and he bounced on them. When the two guys had to switch he would suck them both out of his ass.

Then the guys wanted to see three up his ass. So they got back on the couch and one guys lied down he mounted him facing him then two other guys went up his ass. He was still sucking on one and stroking two. He was full of cock. It was amazing. They rotated and kept him in that position for a good 3-4 minutes. Then they made him suck the guy under him as he got in his knees and the other guys fucked him as he was sucking him hard.

It was now time for the cumshots, the guys out him in missionary and fucked him one by one and cjammed on his face. Some of the guys came twice, he then scooped it all up into his knot in and ate it all. Mmmmmm
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Added on: 02/03/17 11:50
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I still can't wait to see the scene that Addison shot with the six guys. Addison was telling more about it the other night and I really really want to see the scene. He had told me that it should be ready by next week for a preview and the producer will be giving Addison a copy before it is even released.
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Added on: 01/28/17 12:50
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Well we brought our man to our employees one night for them to have their fun with him.

We had a few guys and girls turn out. We had allowed them each to bring a friend. Some of the guys there were gay or bi, others just wanted to watch. Most of the girls did use their strap ons on him.

So we started out with him getting naked of course on the mattress and then told everyone it surround him and have their way with him. He sucked on anything that was in front of his face. Some of the girls did make him gag hard. some of the girls also sucked on his cock and you can tell that they liked it. Soon enough he was in doggy and then was taking them in the ass as he was sucking. They did get a rotation going on and then after a while they put him missionary and fucked him like that. Some girls just really loved sucking his cock. Two of them were stuck on it, but they shared it nicely. Then my hubby asked them if they wanted to put two cocks up his ass. They all said yes.

He was taking two in the ass now and was sucking them out of his ass as they all rotated. We did use him for a while longer before we allowed some of the guys to cum. Everyone wanted to see my hubby cum up his ass. So he was first to cum up his ass and then he fed his cock to him out of his ass. Then we put him in missionary and the girls fucked him as the guys came up and came on his face. The guests were amazed that at the end when all the guys had cum that he still wanted to get fucked by the girls. Some guys did cum twice. What a great night.
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Added on: 01/28/17 12:37
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Well as its a new week there are always more adavnetures.

Addison has told us this week that that he has shot a crazy scene with the six guys. He did describe us the scene a little bit and it sounded hot as usual. This time they were really tossing him around like a piece of meat and fucked him from every angle stuffing him with their cocks. He said they liked to do the double doggy position. This is where he took two cock in the ass while being in doggy. He said he loved the scene and the guys were amazing as usual. He wanted to do it again right after.

This week we will be bringing him to our sex shop for our employees. This will not be during work but after hours for those that would like to participate. Last time he was such a huge hit. It's just a little gift for our employees.
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Added on: 01/25/17 12:22
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So we had some fun with the four of us, the gf and I decided to make the guys rub their cocks together a lot. We made them lie down but intertwine their legs so that their cocks would be together, then I got in sixty nine over Addison and the gf over my hubby. At first we did take turns sucking them then we both just went crazy on their cocks. We were all moaning, I did sneak my hand under addisons butt to finger his ass and the gf said what a good idea and she did the same to my hubby. This is also where the guys also fingered our assholes too. I guess you get what you give.

After a little more we were ready to fuck. Addison fucked his gf in doggy and I got in missionary to take my hubby. I actually put my face under the gf pussy to lick it while she got fucked, I licked his cock, balls and asshole too. Then Addison pulled out and made me gag on his cock then he kissed me and went back to fucking his gf. I then starting fingering his ass hard. Then my hubby pulled out and made the gf suck him. Then Addison put me in doggy and fucked me, the gf then sat on my back and told him to take his cock kut of my lossy and fuck my ass. She held my cheeks open. Then my hubby fed both Addison and the gf his cock. After a few more minutes I pulled out the strapon, everyone thought it was for Addison but I went to the gf and made her suck it and I told the guys to copy us. So Addison got on his knees to suck my hubby. Then it was time to put them in doggy and fuck them. We did tons of postiions, then my hubby said he had to cum and couldn't hold it much longer, then I said Addison should be fucking you. I know he doesn't like taking much up his ass but once in a while he does. The gf then said he took the strapon every second day when they spent their week together. I gave him a look and he said it's true, then I turned to Addison and I said give him a good fucking.

We put them both in missionary, side by side and me Addison kissed as we fucked them. We then pulled out after a while to make the opposite suck our tools and lick our ass. Addison and I sat on our partners faces. Oh how I wish Addison rub his cock, balls and ass on me.

Then after a few more fun things that we did we made the guys lie down in the same position we first started with their cocks together and they exploded their loads on our faces, and their cocks.
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After they cummed I told them both to lie down and I licked each of their assholes and started to finger them both. I put the end of the oil bottle in each their holes and sprayed it right up their ass. Then I got some whipped cream in a spray can and sprayed it up their assholes too. It was now my turn to have fun with their asses. Then I went into the kitchen and took the butter cut it up in strips to slide up their holes. Put will melt their ass and then just ooze out so they got in doggy from now on and stroked each of their cocks at the same time this way. Their assholes were winking at me, what a lovely sight too see. I then made them tilt backwards to make the melted butter leak out their holes, yet another nice sight. I told the tranny to put her cock up addisons and more butter came out then I told her to feed her cock to him and then I made Addison do the same to her.

After a little longer I got the double dildo and made them fuck each other and I made them do it hard. I was slapping them and all. I also put clamps on their nipples and teased them with it. I then made the tranny get in piled river position with the dildo up her ass and Addison went on top with the other end up his and he bounced on her. What a great couple. I kept on spraying them with oil. I then put ball gags on each of them and also a collar where I can hookup a leash. This is also when I started to use my whip.

I soon started to use the big monster strapon on both of them, I made them get in doggy side by side and gave them turns to ride it. Their assholes were expanding so much. By now we had been fucking for way over an hour. I then made them lie down side by side and I walked them off at the same time. The one that chummed first would have to get double anal from the other one that didn't cum and from my strap on. They lasted very long until my arms got tired lol so then I told them to sack each other off. Then when my arms got a rest I continued and this is where the tranny cummed. I made Addison eat it and then we both fucked the tranny. After another ten minutes he came up her ass. What a hot session.

After the is the tranny had to leave home, we thanked her for the fun these past few days.
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So the next day we woke up slowly and got ourselves ready for our big sex day, we prepped ourselves for what was gonna happen.

After we were ready we all met down in the basement and I sucked on both of them as they made out. I did start to bite on their cocks too so that they could also focus on me once in a while. Their hands were exploring each other's bodies as they kissed. Then addison licked my pussy in the 69 and the tranny still fed me her cock as I was sucking him. Then after a while she retreated to the back to lick my ass and then very shortly started to fuck it. I was so into sucking Addison and he was so into licking my pussy, the tranny did oil out every now and then for him to taste then I made the tranny mount Addison and she bounced on his cock as I also sucked her. We then decided to get the oil and fuck in the pool, this made things even hotter. We looked so good all oiled up. Our bodies were rubbing and slipping and sliding,

Then I got my strap on and fucked Addison in doggy as I still sucked on the tranny and she went from me to addisons mouth. She then sort of got in doggy on top of addisons back and asked me to fuck her ass too and when I did she put her cock in addisons ass. After this they both have me a dp we fucked for about hour by now then they both pur their cocks in my mouth as I got on my knees and cummed inside my mouth at the same time. I've never done this before it was yet another thing to check off my list lol.
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